Secretary-Treasurer Belinda Moreno and President Joe J. Moreno and three other new executive board members from other Locals were sworn-in last week at the National Executive Board meeting hosted by UWUA National in Orlando, Florida.  

Divide and conquer– one of the Company’s primary methods of keeping the membership and the union suppressed.  The Company would like nothing more than to see the membership continuing to be divided.  It is clear there is a misinformation campaign.  Elections are trying times and have the unfortunate effect of dividing the membership. As we move forward, the focus should be on healing the divide and focusing our collective energy and actions on the Company.

There are many concerns regarding the Company’s current actions. The Company is decisively taking advantage of the Local’s transition to new leadership.   However, the transition will be completed this week.  The Company and the actions that impact our members will be our focus.

All the locals on the property will soon hold a Joint Steering Committee meeting with the Company. Many of the current issues, such as the move of the Work Order Control Clerks from Anaheim to Monterey Park and the changes to the Work From Home practices, will be discussed.

During our Executive Board meeting, Local 132 leadership discussed a critical issue with respect to the Energy Technician Residential classification (ETR). We are finding the staffing level is dangerously low, repeatedly causing hours of delay to respond to A1 situations.  This is a major safety concern.  Additionally, there are not enough ETRs to fully staff the existing schedules. An untold number of our ETRs are stuck working forced overtime on their SDOs, on weekends, and at end of shift. The Company is attempting to hold the ETRs captive on their off time as if they were on-call although they are not on-call and without the benefits of being on-call.  Additionally, the Company is working ETRs as if they were Hub employees.  ETRs ARE NOT HUB EMPLOYEES. The Company proposed a program to convert ETRs into a Hub in 2017-2018.  Then-JSC Chair, Javier Salas, rejected this proposal.

The Local is putting together an ETR committee to discuss this ongoing issue.  We are asking for volunteers from each region. Any ETR that is a member of Local 132 that would like to be part of this committee, please submit the following information via email to

  • Name
  • Employee ID
  • Work location
  • Cell phone number
  • Current work schedule

The Local will be expeditiously scheduling new shop steward training and refresher training for existing shop stewards. Current shop stewards, please make sure the Local has your email address, contact information, current classification, and work location by sending an email to

As part of the transition of the newly elected officers, the following occurred:

  • UWUA National 5th Region Representative Chauffe Schirmer conducted a swearing-in of the newly elected officers.
  • UWUA National Organizer and Trainer Steve Wyatt and 5th Region Representative Chauffe Schirmer conducted two days of officer training.
  • UWUA National President Jimmy Slevin traveled from Washington DC to meet with Local 132 leadership.
  • On April 27-28, the National UWUA Executive Board will be in session. National is paying to send Secretary-Treasurer Belinda Moreno and me to Florida for this session where we will be sworn in as part of the National Executive Board.


  • President Jimmy Slevin, Secretary-Treasurer Belinda Moreno, and I met with the Governor’s Office, the Los Angeles Federation of Labor, and other labor organizations to discuss the future of the State’s energy needs.
  • Meetings were held with National Secretary-Treasurer about the financial standing of the Local.
  • The Local held meetings with our accounting firm about the implementation of a comprehensive audit.
  • We held a meeting about newly proposed legislation that has the potential to impact our members.
  • A pre-hearing conference with the California Public Utilities Commission was held regarding the Company’s request to establish a Memo Account which would create a method of tracking and accounting for all expenses in studying the feasibility of a transition to hydrogen.
  • OSHA has cited and imposed a fine on the Company regarding the incident that caused the death of one of our members, Wade Kilpatrick.  Local 132 has requested party status in the appeal hearing and we will be in attendance.
  • Executive Board had its first executive session on Friday, April 22.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Be well,
Joe Moreno
President, Local 132, AFL-CIO

Utility Workers Union of America Local 132
represents more than 3500 employees of
Southern California Gas Company

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