Trust Funds

Today, we face enormous challenges in our country and in our industries. The UWUA is committed to providing solutions to these challenges with the Deferred Compensation Trust Fund (401k), the National Health & Welfare Fund, and the Power for America Training Trust Fund.

UWUA National Trust Funds

The UWUA is committed to professional management of the membership’s day-to-day training and benefit needs. The UWUA sponsors the UWUA Health & Welfare Trust Fund, UWUA Deferred Compensation (401k) Trust Fund, UWUA Power for America Training Trust Fund, and the Center for Safety, Health and Environmental Education-Labor Management Cooperation Committee, Inc. (LMCC). These funds assure that the membership’s benefits and training needs are addressed in the most comprehensive, unbiased and cost-effective manner available, through nationally recognized delivery platforms.

The UWUA adopted several resolutions at the 28th Constitutional Convention mandating a long-term strategic plan, which included the delivery of both apprentice and incumbent worker training components. These came to be nationally recognized as “best in class.” Special emphasis was placed on equipping our members with the skills and advanced training that will ensure job security, and will address the constantly evolving technological advancements within our industries.

UWUA National Health & Welfare Fund

Established in 2003, The UWUA National Health & Welfare Fund is a way for bargaining groups to accumulate funding for health benefits in a trust that is jointly-controlled by labor and employer representatives.

UWUA Deferred Compensation Trust Fund (401k)

This collaborative effort of the Trustees and the Fund professionals has provided a positive return on investment for all Trust participants.