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Introducing the UWUA’s 2017 Labor Education Initiative

UWUA is proud to announce the successful launch of the 2017 Labor Education Initiative. As a follow-up to our 2016 Regional Education Conferences, the Labor Education Initiative (LEI) furthers the UWUA’s mission of providing comprehensive labor education through a series of events and conferences nationwide. UWUA President Mike Langford and the other Executive Officers spearheaded LEI in order to provide local officers and members the support they need to best represent their interests.

On March 4th, UWUA kicked off its first conference with Local 369 in Braintree, Massachusetts. In addition to a lecture presentation on the history of UWUA and the labor movement, the seminar focused on rights, roles, and responsibilities of union stewards and included discussion about collective bargaining and grievance handling. topics included collective bargaining; rights and responsibilities of stewards; grievance handling; and best practices for union finances.

The conference also included live polling of members and attendees followed by and an inclusive roundtable discussion between national officers and UWUA members on the ‘challenges, concerns, and solutions in shaping the future of the labor movement.

The next conference in Region II is set to take place Saturday, April 8, in Wilkes-Barre, PA.