The Wade Kilpatrick Gas Safety Act Signed into Law by Governor Newsom!

We are proud to share that The Wade Kilpatrick Gas Safety Act was signed into law by Governor Newsom! This legislation increases fines and penalties on reckless contractors who repeatedly damage gas infrastructure and fail to follow the proper safety protocols.

This is for our brother, Wade, his family, and all his Union brothers and sisters who work every day to keep us all safe.

We want to thank Governor Gavin Newsom, Senator Maria Elena Durazo, and the State Legislature for passing this common-sense safety reform.

For our full statement by President Eric Hofmann, click HERE

Klipatrick Gas Safety and Workforce Adequacy Act to be introduced in CA Legislature

When a contractor installing solar power in Murrieta, CA hit a SoCalGas line last July, the resulting explosion killed Local 132 member Wade Kilpatrick, injured several others, and leveled a house. Kilpatrick died because the contractor failed to call 811 to check for gas lines prior to digging.

All of this could have been avoided if the contractor followed safety rules. Unfortunately, in California, there is little penalty for breaking the rules. That’s about to change. The presidents of UWUA Locals 132, 483, and 522 at the gas company are preparing to submit the Wade Kilpatrick Gas Safety and Workforce Adequacy Act of 2020 in Sacramento. Always putting safety first, this legislation, if passed, will be model legislation as the UWUA battles irresponsible contractors that endanger lives, while simultaneously promoting union jobs and a safe environment.

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