Local 132 History

Local 132 is just such an example, having been first organized by the UWOC in 1940 and having signed their first contract with Southern California Gas Company a year later. However, they were not long to remain the exclusive bargaining agent on the gas company properties. Throughout the 1940’s and 1950’s other UWUA chartered local unions were established. There was Local 114 in Van Nuys, Local 150 from Compton, Local 168 in Glendale, Local 170 in Bakersfield, Local 193 in Taft, Local 243 in San Bernardino, Local 279 in Avenal, and Local 290 at Visalia. A total of nine local unions, each representing a portion of the Southern California Gas work force.

In 1956, John Krevtz, president of Local 132 then representing the gas company employees in the Central Division of Los Angeles, broached the subject of merger with the other local unions. After long and thorough discussions, it became clear that better representation could be accomplished by consolidating their efforts and thus by 1962, all except Locals 243 and 170 became united under the Local 132 banner. With this united strength they could afford full-time representation, and they elected Harold Trusler as president and Ed Hall as secretary-treasurer to serve as full-time officers. In 1973, San Bernardino Local 243 merged with Local 132, leaving only one of the original nine locals (Local 170) yet separate. Since that time, Local 522 representing sales and marketing employees, and Local 483 representing transmission employees, have been chartered by UWUA as affiliates. Currently, the approximately 3,500 unionized employees of Southern California Gas are in the main members of Local 132, although a portion continue as members of Local 170, Local 522, or Local 483. In any event, the locals combine their efforts and negotiate jointly with the company, arriving at settlements voted upon by the full union workforce and applicable to all.