Utility Workers Union of America Local 132 represents more than 4,000 production, maintenance, distribution and clerical employees of Southern California Gas.

We won our first collective bargaining agreement in 1937 and our members cover a geographic area the size of France, from San Luis Obispo in the north to the Mexican border in the south.

Local 132’s history making moments include:

In 1991, we negotiated the largest pay equity agreement in private industry in the United States. Women won pay increases of between 13 and 27% and, the largest classification of mainly women workers were put at the same pay levels as the largest classification of their male co-workers in the field.
We pioneered efforts to make boards of directors more accountable by running a candidate for the board of the So. Cal. Gas’ parent company.
Local 132 was one of the first unions to get Martin Luther King Jr’s. Birthday as a holiday.
On January 25, 2009, three thousand members voted more than four to one, to strike Southern California Gas Company for a fair contract.  Click on the Photos tab for pictures of the most successful mass meeting in Local 132’s history